All of our audits are completely bespoke and can be broader, bigger audit projects or we can solely focus on specific pain points or areas of your operation you feel need the most attention.

Core technology stack (cost, implementation, fit + utilization) – eCommerce platform, back office systems, integrations.

Trading & optimization – up-selling, cross-selling, gifting experience + value, bundling, site search, landing pages, personalization, on-site and behavioral reporting.

Third party technology partners / vendors (cost, implementation, fit + utilization) – content management, loyalty, gift cards, analytics + reporting, data feed management, product data management.

Customer experience – front-end UX, cross-device usability, account, merchandising functions, CRM, email comms, mobile usability, performance, returns etc.

Analytics + tracking, data being recorded, accuracy of data & quality.

Customer acquisition – internationalization / localization, marketing technologies, effectiveness of individual channels, use of marketing budget etc.

Best practices in eCommerce – accessibility, technical SEO, gift cards, performance, checkout, payments etc.

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