Custom Bundle Product


agento 2 Custom Bundle Product enhances the native Magento 2 functionality of bundled products management with the simple yet smart interface. Customers can add bundles to Cart in one click. Simple interface retains the familiar logic of bundles creation both on the back- and frontend, but noticeably improves user experience.

Add a multitude of product variations to product pages in a couple of clicks.



We calculates desired price “default custom price of each option inside bundle” to show customers total price of product.

In catalog pages you can show selected attributes as extra.

Optionally desired logo images could show below thumbnails.


Each selected product labels as “selected” and other products in option labels price differences. Also these labels shows lower or higher prices.)

When hovers products or tap, comparison pop-up appears for more information for customer.


On load of bundle page price is sum of selected default option prices.

After customer changes any option, visitors can see amount of profit below actual price with green label.

Customers gains ability of save product as predefined PDF format to share with friends or co-workers easily.


Each selected product appears below option name as one product in shopping cart page. This ability allows most reports and remarketing points more precise.


Mobile bundle product page has ability to show all futures with responsive, easy and user friendly design.


“Manage Stock” feature allows user to sell product bypassing inventory management or hides product when out of stock.