Industry-Specific Product Customization Extension


his extension is used to make products on e-commerce websites suitable for curtain sales. Customers can make step-by-step selections to find the most suitable product for their needs.

The calculation type can be modified based on categories, and general variables can be employed in the calculation.



When customers enter width and height values on the product page, the dimensions are calculated based on the category.


Customers can choose a sewing model or crossover model. These selections can be customized for specific products or categories.


After clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button, customers can view additional selections in a popup.


Customers can view the stock type of additional products. If the stock type is ‘piece’, products are added to the cart one by one. If the stock type is ‘m2’, the product is added to the cart after being calculated based on size.


The total price is calculated step by step, and the final price is displayed at the top of the popup.


Each step is configurable as either required or optional in the popup.


An optional selection can be added before the initial popup window, and other selections can be determined based on this choice.


Optional or required selections can be added at each step. These selections can be considered as prefixes for additional products in the popup.


The main product should have a special area for unpaid customer selections. This custom area should go to the order panel along with the main product. Unpaid selections do not get added to the cart, while paid selections are added to the cart.